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Members Helping
Members since 1982

AMPC is characterized and driven by the camaraderie, support, and advice from professionals, many with over to 30 years in the business. We have successful store owners willing to help fellow members with all aspects of store operations. Our regional and national events are held to educate and to foster networking with experts.

Mentor Program – Our mentoring program is a valuable tool for the success of the membership. AMBC maintains a list of mentors and their specific areas of expertise. When you call with a question about something specific, like how to get started in the print business or with freight, we'll offer you the phone numbers of several mentors who are experts in that particular area. Being able to talk to three or four people is invaluable. There is nothing better than getting guidance and ideas from successful people who are doing everyday what you want to be doing. Throughout the AMBC National Convention-Expo, experts roam the event as walking encyclopedias of success.

Expert Help
When You Need It

The legacy of AMBC is one of reliable and accurate support of its membership. This business is not always easy and can get complicated. AMBC stands ready to be on your side with support and experience when you need information strategies, and empowerment. With a proven track record of membership support and an industry of willing contributors, you will get the answers you need.

AMPC HotTalk Industry Discussion Forum — Immediate access to hundreds of seasoned veterans of the industry who own successful stores for informed answers and solutions. Ask any question here and you will get knowledgeable answers.

MPC Today Bi–Monthly Magazine — In print and digital formats, a content-rich periodical that delivers the latest news, ideas, products and services, MPC Today contains professionally written topic-specific features that guide you through tough issues and strategies that puts you ahead of the competition. The theme-oriented issues thoroughly examine all the aspects of current trends, marketing strategies, profit centers, and more.

Toll-Free Hotline — A real, live person answers the phone with the most extensive access to information in the industry. The AMBC staff is trained at the AMBC Flagship Store, an actual operation mail and Business Center, to experience the same daily issues you experience. With that hands-on experience, access to thousands of store owners throughout the country, and direct line access to carriers and other vendors, your requests will be thoroughly researched.

Regional and National Events — AMBC hosts a National Convention-Expo every year to bring members and vendors together for four days of networking, training, and education. Smaller regional mini-conventions around the country are held throughout the year to bring RSi certified classes to an area convenient for store owners and operators to attend.

Store Locator — A full featured locator with maps and service search. Your store's can be found based upon a search for a particular service in a particular region.

Vendor Relations — A dedicated team who focus on finding and testing vendors appropriate for the mail and parcel industry, cultivating relationships and creating exclusive AMBC discounts for our members.

Advocacy — With a growing membership, the strength to advocate on members’ behalf becomes more influential. AMBC has taken the memberships’ causes to the highest levels of responsibility in some of the country's largest organizations.

A Current & Relevant Education


A quality education must be current and relevant to deliver value to the business, its customers and its employees. With the store owner in mind, AMBC established an institution of higher learning to create a structured format to provide a method of informed success. A trial and error, mistake oriented process to an education is expensive and dangerous. AMBC sought to eliminate that by founding the Retail Shipping Institute.

RSi — Retail Shipping Institute is a division of AMBC with a Board of Trustees appointed by the Board of Directors to oversee the education of AMBC Members and the curriculum of RSi. Classes are held at events and at the AMBC Flagship Store in Rockford, Illinois. Most popular are the FasTrac class for new store owners, PrinTrac class for developing a printing for profit business segment, basic and advance packing classes, domestic and international shipping classes, and the heavy freight shipping class.

Classes consist of certified core MPC skills classes which are required and a comprehensive offering of elective classes. Each class is assigned credit hours that count toward a Masters in Retail Shipping Management degree.

Master of Retail Shipping Management Degree Program

Associated Mail & Business Center's Retail Shippers Institute (RSi®) education offerings are designed to deliver on our mission to maximize the success of our members through a disciplined study program that leads to a recognized degree in the mail and parcel industry. These classes are designed to help mail and Business Centers be more profitable and to inspire leadership and achievement within the retail shipping community. We promise to deliver exceptional education experiences and essential tools that will provide opportunities for your success.

The degree on the wall of your store elicits trust from your customers and represents the work, sacrifice, and treasure you willing gave to become professional and recognized.

Charmaine M. Fennie Scholarship

The Charmaine M. Fennie Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2003 in memory of the owner and past president of Associated Mail & Business Centers. Charmaine was an accomplished business leader, musician and writer. Her leadership of the national trade association for the mail and parcel industry spanned a decade and provided a legacy of industry improvements and innovations. Her ability to effectively communicate and interject humor in all aspects of the human condition has forever endeared her in the hearts of thousands of independent retail shipping center operators across the country. Her memory and our appreciation for her contributions are served through this scholarship program and its investment in future generations.

AMBC Members, their employees and dependents can apply for scholarship funds to be applied towards the recipient's pursuit of a higher education.

Programs & Vendors

The AMBC programs are partnerships established with quality vendors who specialize in the mail and parcel business to provide a means to operate your business. Some vendors offer exclusive discounts to AMBC Members alone. Some programs bundle many vendors together to set up a cost saving, competitive profit center. Other vendors have joined with AMBC to help with training and education. AMBC is constantly searching and evaluating vendors to bring you choices and opportunities.

Carrier and Shipping Programs

  • FedEx Authorized ShipCenter Program
  • UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet
  • USPS Approved Shipper Program
  • Discounted postal rates
  • AMPC Freight — Low freight rates and freight shipping support
  • Exclusive discounts in postage meter service
  • Freight shippers referral program
  • Third party parcel insurance — up to 90% off of carrier rates
  • Exclusive specials on easy and automatic refunds for carrier service delays

AMPC Creative Suite — Printing, Copying, Finishing

  • Low cost graphic design service
  • AMPC Mailing Lists — discounted mailing lists for clients or store promotion
  • Low cost non-royalty photos and images
  • Discounted laminating and binding machines and supplies
  • Exclusive AMBC discounts and copiers, printers, leasing, and materials
  • Printers' discount on paper and supplies
  • Exclusive AMBC discount on professional designed graphic layouts
  • Kiosks for printing photos and passports
  • Exclusive AMBC Member discounts on poster/banner printing kiosk


  • Exclusive AMBC national account rates on copiers, printers, leasing, and materials
  • AMBC Member discounts on decorative mailers
  • Custom box making software
  • Back room packaging supplies
  • Foam packaging systems
  • Packaging supplies, tools, and machinery for the industry


  • AMPC discount specials on greeting cards
  • Free gift card program, display, and terminal
  • Passport cameras, photo cutters, passport folders and laminators
  • Specials on rubber stamp making machine and supplies
  • Fingerprint scanning service
  • Inkjet refilling systems
  • Impulse and gift items
  • Cash for ink and toner recycle program
  • Exclusive AMBC discounts on POS systems and shipping hardware and software
  • National Notary Association — Free membership through AMBC with the material purchase
  • AMPC special pricing on shredding equipment

Business Services

  • Exclusive AMBC low merchant rates for credit card processing
  • Sell your store program
  • AMPC specials and discounts on box holder's mail notification software
  • Special AMBC rates on business coaching for the MPC industry
  • Franchising systems


  • Exclusive AMBC Member discounts on enhanced email marketing program
  • Neighborhood Postal Centers marketing brand, manual and programs

Your Information at your Customer's Fingertips

All membership levels of AMBC receive a free web page for their store.

Getting your information in front of your customers is a top priority. AMBC delivers top quality websites for absolutely no charge! To succeed in today’s marketplace, you need a presence on the internet and that starts with a wonderful web page.

We Have Features! MPC website are packed full of everything that you need. AMBC sites are developed from the ground up with search-engine-optimization in mind. Your site will appear higher in Google and Bing search results than your competition. AMBC sites are optimized to load quickly on all internet connections, including dial-up modems and satellite connections.

We approached the design of the free store pages with the consumer in mind, not the store owner. Many web designers strive to please the client and leave the real user out of the planning. We know that your professionalism, skills, and expertise are worth touting, but let’s get the customer into your store first.

There is some room on the AMBC store pages for details, and additional pages may be added later, but the concentration now is on the purpose – you need customers and you need them now.

We have designed the AMBC free web page to be a quick reference easily seen and understood. The consumer who is in the market for your store’s services searched for you, found you on the internet, and now wants to physically find you. All of this is placed above the fold where 100% of the page viewers will see it, not hidden behind information that the consumer is not interested in.

A couple examples:

Finding the Right Information

Having the right information readily available at all times in a number of media allows you to get access to data no matter where you are and no matter what the conditions are. These resources help you get the information you need to make informed, competitive decisions.

Packipedia — the MPC knowledge base — A constantly updated encyclopedia of mail and parcel resources. This constantly expanding and renewing encyclopedia is a simple look-it-up source for just about every topic in this industry with links and references to more detailed information.

HIPDR Program — Keeping Hazardous, Illegal, Prohibited, Dangerous, and Restricted items from getting into the shipping system through your business. How to explain to your customer about the dangers and illegality of some items they want to ship.

MPC Today — online and in print — a bi-monthly magazine with fresh, current, content-rich articles written in casual language to help you succeed, written by those who already have succeeded. — The gateway to all the resources AMBC has developed. Plus, information on events, news briefs, store locator, detailed program sign-up information, and more are here on the AMBC website.

HotTalk — Get immediate access to hundreds of your peers for answers and information through the definitive forum for the retail shipping, mail and parcel industry, unmatched in expertise and relevancy.


Digital Newsletter — Weekly updates and news that you need now. The newsletter is always timely and relevant and is sent as an email

MPC Today — online and in print — a bi-monthly magazine with fresh, current, content-rich articles written in casual language to help you succeed, written by those who already have succeeded.

Vendor Spotlight — A twice-monthly release showing how a particular vendor can help your business.

Service and Delay Updates — We monitor the carrier websites and news releases constantly to immediately report delays due to weather, disasters, and other events. — Upcoming events, articles, and program details all available in the members-only section of our website. Here you'll find a comprehensive, resource-packed cache of information.

HotTalk — Get immediate access to hundreds of your peers for answers and information through the definitive forum for the retail shipping, mail and parcel industry, unmatched in expertise and relevancy.

Neighborhood Postal Centers

Neighborhood Postal Centers® (NPC) was created to provide a brand name where independent mail and Business Centers could have a common identity with the consumer public. NPC is a co-brand allowing you to maintain your independent status while taking advantage of a recognizable common national brand. NPC gives you the brand strength equivalent to that of a retail chain.

Through the NPC license agreement, participating stores are eligible to use the trademarked Neighborhood Postal Centers® logo, slogans, signage and other promotional materials.

Complimentary Listing on the Neighborhood Postal Centers® Website — NPC licensees can be found at — including a store locator and information guide for consumers. Customers in need of a mail and Business Center use this site to find the store nearest them and to learn about the products and services offered, hours of operation, directions, phone numbers, etc.

Plastic Loosefill Council (aka “Peanut Hotline”) — NPC stores enjoy free enrollment (a $30 value) in the Plastic Loosefill Council. Consumers can call the Hotline or visit the website for the nearest location that accepts packing peanuts for reuse. Major mail-order retailers, like Macy's, enclose the Peanut Hotline phone number in their shipments.

Online Advertising Templates — On our NPC Members-only website, a variety of professionally-designed advertising slicks and templates are provided. These can be used to promote your store and the NPC network.

Online Press Release Templates — Also on our NPC Members-only website, you can find a variety of PR templates appropriate for promoting your store and the NPC network.

NPC Online Marketing manual — Professionally-designed editable marketing materials free online: posters, brochures, ads, and postcards you can customize for your business.

NPC Logo Products — NPC stores have the opportunity to purchase NPC logo products such as a lighted store sign, logo shirts, logo pens, etc. These products are designed to help you project your professional image to your customer while reinforcing the NPC national brand.

Membership Requirements — You must be a current AMBC Member; offer packaging and shipping as your core business; own a store that maintains professional standards and practices; and, not be a carrier-franchised store.

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